WhereYouGo is an open-source application, distributed under GNU General Public License v3.0.

Current development status

The development of WhereYouGo was no longer continued by the last open source development team. After contacting the original author, the c:geo team has been able to take over the source code to make it available again for the open source community to allow further bugfixing and enhancement of WhereYouGo. In a first step we managed to fix the download function for cartridges, thus restoring the original functionality.

Source Code

For further development however we need help of the Geocaching community:

If you are interested to further improve WhereYouGo and have some knowledge of Java, check out the new WhereYouGo repository or send us a mail to

Our website

Like our application also this website is open source. If you want to fix a typo or otherwise improve it, you are welcome to contribute as described in the readme file.

Beta Testing

You can also help us by becoming a beta tester for the release candidate versions of WhereYouGo.

Becoming beta tester is just one click away: WhereYouGo Google Play Beta Testing

After you enabled the beta testing mode you will receive beta versions (release candidates of WhereYouGo) via Google Play update on the same way you receive the normal WhereYouGo updates (it might take a few hours after enabling the beta testing mode). Additionally you can send us your feedback and problem reports via a dedicated Google Play feedback form.

Please be aware that beta releases might be unstable or not all functions are working as expected. However before we bring a version into beta testing we do our very best to make sure, that all basic functions are working properly. You will not receive any possibly unstable alpha versions or nightly builds (see next chapter) via this beta channel.

If you wish to discontinue beta testing just use the link above and deselect the beta testing mode. Afterwards you might need to uninstall the beta version from your device and reinstall the normal version from Google Play.

Nightly Builds

You can use our nightly builds to test new features of upcoming versions. They are not for normal usage, as they contain code that is not well tested yet. Only install these versions if you know what you’re doing.

Nightly builds can cause all kinds of crashes and malfunction. Please report such bugs, but don’t expect us to deliver a fix right afterwards. If you need stable functionality, use the normal build.

Please be aware:

Direct downgrading from a nightly version to a production (or beta) version is not possible due to Android versioning restrictions. You need to manually deinstall the nightly and afterwards install the production (or beta) version.

Please consider this, when using our nightly builds.

Download Nightly Builds

WhereYouGo application

Translation of WhereYouGo

If you want to contribute translations, you need a free account at Crowdin. Then start contributing new translations to or vote for existing translation proposals in the WhereYouGo translation project. If you would like to include a new language please contact us via Crowdin.

Localization statistics: Crowdin

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